Water sort puzzle is the colour game in which we can say that it is the sorting type of the game, and also the matching tubes as  well the software  name is App generation it is one of the most famous software we ever played, the rating of the game is Also very good which show how much good and dear this game for the people ,only water with the amout of the same colour can be poured in the top of the each bottle to play well, also you can earn coins by winning each game, the more level you cross the more game you play interesting and hard the level become.

Bottle Color Sort Max for Android - APK Download

This game has a good amount of rating and reviews as we like we can say that it have the 4.9 rating which count as the best rating so far, also the review is so well people say that they are enjoying their best and relaxing time while paltjng the game , the software of all the app generations software it shows the indicated in the privacy of the app handling the data as described in the description of the app, we can see the information more about this in the developer policy.

If you are willing to but the app you can purchase it on 2.99 solar as this will remove all the ads that will the cause of disturbance in the game also we can purchase it in 5.99 dollars to unlock all the tubes and theme at once to double the fun.

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